✯ Colorful Pathways

Jacaranda trees

The red carpet of nature...we can do that in carpet made from our luxurious Anso nylon by Shaw. #GrandCentralNYC

Tree Tunnel - Sena de Luna, Spain

Lavender fields, Provence, France. I can only dream how amazing this would smell!! I love lavender!


magical tree with wisteria winding through it

Fall beauty. Love this

Somehow when I see these pretty purple hues, it takes me back to planning my wedding and all of the beautiful pictures I came across. Almost the same way a scent or song brings you back...this did that for me

I Love You From Here To HOLLYWOOD art print


Tree Tunnel, Belgium. There are so many beautiful places in this world, and not enough time to see them all. Thank goodness for the marvelous inventions of photography and the internet, so that at least we are able to dream of places far from home.


Jacaranda in full bloom, Spring in Johannesburg, South Africa (rePinned 083013TLK)


Damse Vaart at sunrise - Damme, Belgium

purple loosestrife - Troy Meadows, New Jersey (who knew?)

Dream Tree

Toborochi Tree - where in the world is this?

The South Africa Travel Journal by Younghusband World Travel Journals (ProductiveLuddite.com)