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The airship, Los Angeles, flies over Washington Boulevard. Detroit, 1926. NY Times

USS Shenandoah moored to mast


Working at high altitudes, Woolworth Building, New York, 1926

Flappers Dancing the Charleston atop the Sherman Hotel, Chicago, December 11, 1926

Detroit, 1929 Let's drive out to West Broad and pop off a few before we have dinner.

new york 1920's. Times Square 1920s


Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial Roadster, and um, the Hindenburg

Toward Los Angeles, California, by Dorothea Lange - 20x200 (from $60)

Times Square, 1903

Deadwood 1877, Lee Street merchant signs, Lee Street Blacksmith James Langan Colorado Blacksmith May 19, 1877

An uncaptioned circa 1915 glass negative taken outside a Victrola "talking machine" store in Washington, D.C. Harris & Ewing Collection.

Drugstore soda fountain, Detroit. Robert Frank 1955.

The USS Los Angeles was a prototype for the well-known US airships Akron and Macon. In 1930, the airship was used to test a trapeze system for launching and recovering planes:

Memorials: Mobile phones and other communication devices found in the rubble from the September 11 attacks in 2001 on the World Trade Center are displayed as part of a new exhibit in Washington D.C.



PrintCollection - Los Angeles City Hall

Thai girls (twins?) with big beehives, Amsterdam, summer 1968. Photo by Theo van Houts.