✿ ❤ Trees, Forests...The Portland Japanese Garden is a 5.5-acre haven of tranquil beauty nestled in the scenic west hills of Portland, Oregon.

Enchanted Forest ~

this is so beautiful. I didn't know if it should be in my castles or my trees...stunning Castle Forest

tree of life

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah, Borneo. Love this tree "hugging" another tree!


Book cover, please!

15 Amazing Photos You’ll Never Forget This one looks like there are Fairies up above showing the way to the top!

500px / Untitled photo by Andy 58


# nature #

✯ Beauty of Nature...This shows beautifully what Autumn looks like, my favourite time of year.... and it's almost here :-)

Beautiful Sunlight Through the Trees In Autumn

Beautiful Nature



Light In The Forest

Mystical Forest Castle, Romania


Amazing Beauty