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  • Natalie M-B

    The Arch Photograph by Jim Speth - The Arch Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale Description:The Devils Playground in Escalante, Utah. (Bill and I made a 3.5 hour drive to shoot partly cloudy star trails in Devils Playground only to find near Zero light and 150% cloud cover. As a result we played with light, painting this beautiful arch, for several hours before driving to Bryce National park to spend the night and shoot the sunrise there. Posted: March 30th, 2012)

  • Ken Hunter

    "Light Painting" of The Arch, Devil's Playground State Park, Escalante (Spanish for the Grand Staircase), Utah

  • Sophia Katsikea

    The Arch. The Devils Playground in Escalante , Utah. | Travel to beautiful places

  • Rosa Mary Emparan Muñoz

    Monumento natural. The Arch, Devil's Playground State Park, Escalante, Utah.

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