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Hong Kong Gardens

Hong Kong - one of my favorite cities though never actually vacationed there - business trips and layovers.

Corso Venezia e i Giardini | Milano

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Ocean Park


A sampan traverses fantastic Victoria Harbour.

Hong Kong Northwest Airlines로얄바카라★★로얄바카라월드바카라★★로얄바카라월드바카라★★로얄바카라로얄바카라★★로얄바카라월드바카라★★로얄바카라로얄바카라

Night view of Victoria Harbour - Hong Kong

Hong Kong by night

Aizhai suspension bridge in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao, China. Autonomous Prefecture, with a main span of 1,176 meters and a maximum height of 330 meters, was open to traffic on Saturday. Spanning over the Dehang canyon, the bridge was built as part of the expressway from southwest China's Chongqing Municipality to Changsha city in Hunan.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Berlin, Germany!

to do!! Great Wall China

St. Petersburg is an incredible city and we would love to learn and experience the Russian people and culture.


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Hong Kong