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    Bug Out Bag by Miles Bennett,

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    The Survivors Bug Out Bag List If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re familiar with the term bug out bag. You probably even have one of your own. Maybe you got some ideas for its contents from one of the plethora of lists already available on the Inter-web. But hopefully you didn’t follow it to a tee, because there is no such thing as a perfect, universal bug-out-bag.

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    ELITE BUG OUT BAG This is a no nonsense pack with almost everything you need to survive even up to a year. A survival kit is only as good as you make it though, so it is up to you to learn and develop the skills to make this pack effective.

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    Freaking amazing! I really should do this. She packs 3 separate bags for their spontaneous outings so that their not running around stressing before they get to try and calm down to enjoy like I do. Need to do this as the weather is getting nicer for outdoors.

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