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How to Make a Chaga Tincture

by Laura Crawley
The chaga ("Inonotus obliquus") is a mushroom often used in traditional Russian herbal medicine. It grows in the forests of Siberia, northern Europe and North America. A parasitic fungus that looks like charcoal on the outside with a yellow interior, it grows in the wounds of birch trees, eventually...

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Medicinal - Chaga mushrooms grow in Russia and North Eastern N.A. with those grown on Silver Birch being the most beneficial for cancer sufferers. Usually ground, dried and served as a tea. Chaga is said to absorb radiation so Russian chaga is not a good idea since Chernobyl. We have lots of chaga here in Eastern Canada though.

How to make a tincture. An herbal tincture is a long lasting and effective form of receiving an herb’s gift. It has a much longer shelf life than an infusion or decoction and can be stowed in your bag or cupboard for easy access and use.