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    How to Make a Chaga Tincture

    by Laura Crawley
    The chaga ("Inonotus obliquus") is a mushroom often used in traditional Russian herbal medicine. It grows in the forests of Siberia, northern Europe and North America. A parasitic fungus that looks like charcoal on the outside with a yellow interior, it grows in the wounds of birch trees, eventually...

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    Medicinal - Chaga mushrooms grow in Russia and North Eastern N.A. with those grown on Silver Birch being the most beneficial for cancer sufferers. Usually ground, dried and served as a tea. Chaga is said to absorb radiation so Russian chaga is not a good idea since Chernobyl. We have lots of chaga here in Eastern Canada though.

    Chaga on wild birch trees grow in northern climates, north of the 45th parallel where they have to endure challenging weather conditions. From the hot summers to the extreme cold winters, wild birch trees need the most powerful of nutrients to withstand the tolling enviroment. It is these nutrients which chaga draws from and concentrates. It is a dense powerhouse of 215 potent and unique phyto-nutrients.