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London from the air. Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), London Eye and the Thames. England, UK.

Incredible Sunset from London

Incredible sunset views over London. This is where to get the BEST sunset views in London!

26 Images Made Twice As Magical By Nature's Mirror

Take a year off after high school to travel to England to see my family. I have not seen them for 4 years and am very excited to see them

イタリア - アマルフィ海岸 | 約30kmにも及ぶアマルフィ海岸は、断崖絶壁に15の村から作られており、海岸の自然美と建物の造形美が織りなす景観が美しいことで知られている。

Tower of London

Headed to the Tower of London with Jenn and Aidan and of course... Dean. The boys have been warned about being good and not messing with the guards.