honesty // tattoo // skeleton key

"Honesty is key". I have this thing for keys and I really believe that the key to anything real is honesty, so it's just amazing. I need this tattoo! I'm sorry to whoever I copy, which isn't my style.

All our lives we live in chains but never knew we hold the key

All our lives we live in chains but never knew we hold the key. I will always appreciate a good Skeleton key tattoo

I love this, but prefer on the back close to the shoulders, with a pair of small white wings, to the end

Let faith be your wings. I don't like how big it is but it's a nice quote

small & girly tattoos..love it

10 Adorable Small Tattoo Ideas

key to my heart tattoo. Husband gets key, wife gets heart shaped lock.

Key placement

Would be cool for my husband to get a key with a heart shape and me to get a lock in a heart shape. He'll be the only one with the key to my heart(:

Would add a third key and have the kids names and birth dates written on the key itself

Heart Locket to be incorporated somehow. I may also get the skeleton key with the skull instead of the heart for the fact of the theme of the tattoo (life and death). The only thing to take from this design is the locket and keys not the swirly stuff.