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Potty Training Tips and Tricks....don't even want to think about this yet, but ill prob be happy I pinned it later.

Just Say No To Potty Training | Lots Of Ways To Make Potty Training Easier

22 tips on potty training- I really like the suggestion of asking are your panties dry vs. do you have to go- it gives them confidence instead of doubt- I am going to use that question!

potty training in one day! This works...we had a special needs little boy living next door...his mom used this method when he was 2 and he got it the first time...but you have to follow the directions completely!!!!

20 best potty training tips... Something has to work right?!?!

Potty training app-is it wrong that I actually thought about using this for myself? Am I the only one that puts off going because I have a million other things to do?!?!

Can do with a number of things, however TWELVE is a lot for a toddler to do, I say 3-5 they get a surprise. Keep them interested and make goals achievable!

How to potty train. Involves lots of drinks, snacks, and going to the bathroom every 15 minutes for a whole day. I'll have to give this a try!

Potty training in one day, going to have to try this approach with Audrey when the time comes

Potty prizes!! Potty Training Chart & Prize Tag, incentive ideas. I did this with both my like a charm! Dollar tree is golden for prizes!

Need to get creative! She goes about 50% of the time, maybe this will do the trick!

Free and lots of stuff I actually used like a timer to remind us it was time to try again and short little games with the kids' favorite Disney characters that they got to play when they were successful. #spon