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  • Barbara Sweet

    A glimpse into what constitutes Developmental Trauma Disorder, DTD. It is often complicated by childhood trauma (PTSD) and/or abuse and can lead to a lifetime of dysfunction if not addressed. I am (and always have) spending a tremendous amount of time trying to help my adult children weave through and patch their deliberately traumatized childhood by someone they were supposed to be able to trust...their own father. They each face daily challenges have to work minute by minute to out run them.

  • Joanna Flores

    How Childhood Trauma May Make the Brain Vulnerable to Addiction, Depression – Time Magazine-

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Trauma, Brain & Relationship: Helping Children Heal

Trauma, Brain and Relationship: Helping Children Heal

It is well known that violent adults often have a history of childhood psychological trauma. Some of these individuals exhibit very real, physical alterations in a part of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex. Yet a direct link between such early trauma and neurological changes has been difficult to find, until now...

Psychological Trauma and the Brain (article). Best part of the first semester of graduate school: learning about neuroscience interconnection(s) in practice & theory.

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