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Japanese manhole cover art prints by French-born designer and illustrator David Robert. David travels around Japan making tracings of some of the more beautiful manhole covers he finds. He considers them “souvenirs” of the different places he’s visited. www.japanesemanholecovers.tumblr.com

Japanese Manhole Cover Art Prints by David Robert

Manhole Cover, hard to get more than one in a photo, but I know someone that has a manhole cover collection.

The main role of the relief drawings from the manhole covers is to prevent wheel slipping and potential accidents, especially when the metallic surface.

In 95% of Japan’s 1,780 municipalities you will find artistic manhole covers unique to each city and town. It has become a part of the country’s national culture and it’s fascinating to see the different designs and styles that each town and city has chosen to represent them.

Beautiful Manhole Cover Art Of Japan

The Beautiful Manhole Cover Art of Japan - Osaka city,Osaka pref manhole cover

Japanese manhole cover

The Wonderful World of Japanese Manhole Cover Art

Manhole Cover Street Art That Is Far From Pedestrian | Urbanist

Manhole cover and storm drain art is actually a great way to spice up an otherwise mundane, and let’s face it, gross aspect of the dirty city streets.