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This would be a cute idea for a Wedding cake. Having the butterflies along the side.

I'd love to design an evening gown made of this bark taupe color in the finest chiffon with a pattern of these bright blue butterflies wrapping around the bodice and cascading down the length of the gown. Doesn't that sound beautiful?


Here are some pretty pictures I found of trees in full color.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Beautiful Fall Wallpapers for fans of Autumn images.

Albino Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Staunton, Virginia

A White Hummingbird Something that is seldom seen and almost NEVER photographed. Fifteen-year-old photographer Marlin Shank was fortunate enough to capture several images of a rare albino ruby-throated hummingbird while in a park in Staunton, Virginia.

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Life is just a tire swing.but i finally learned alot about pain . Life is just a tire swing.

oldoinyo Fog in the Firs, 2008 (via the absolute PHOTO blog…)

Funny pictures about Red forest. Oh, and cool pics about Red forest. Also, Red forest.


Funny pictures of animals posted every day. We're bringing you the best images of funny pets, weird and cute animals.

A Mother's Love

Mother and Child: African Lion (Panthera leo) -The lioness is strong, beautiful and powerful, she will fight to the death for her cub and her pride. This is what it means to have the heart of a lion.

jacky fox

Bluebell Woods: Purple, Lilac, Green, Grey - Designcat Colour Inspiration Pallet This is my next living room color scheme!

You're the Cat's Meow

You're the Cat's Meow

The Ocelot - pretty much exactly like a house cat in every way. Litter pans and catnip anyone?


I'm not a fan of octopus or squid but I can't deny the beauty in the pattern and what I can only assume to think is an interesting texture. The repetitive geometric design is so cool nature!


To see a Seahorse in the wild ! in the ocean rather than an aquarium ., a beautiful blue, this is like wow!