Once a Month Shopping - good money saving blog {love her!}

27 ways to make groceries last as long as possible. I wish I'd read this years ago!! Need to start 27, 17, 8 right away!

How to Establish a Stockpile and Save on Household Expenses with Just $10 Per Week! #stockpiling

How to cut your grocery bill in half {5 tips everyone should know!} These five simple strategies can save you hundreds each month on the food your family already buys. A must read!

How to feed a family of 7 for $100/week, NO COUPONS needed! Some really good tips!

How to save money on groceries without coupons. Tons of practical tips. Pin now, read later.

Ever wonder why plastic milk jugs have those circle indents on the side?? They are there to allow milk to expand while freezing! I had no idea! What a revelation! To use frozen milk, let thaw, and then SHAKE WELL before opening, to make sure any solids are remixed. (Now I know how to use frozen milk)

How I save money to be a stay-at-home mom. Lots of tips on budgeting and lowering bills to live off one income.


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The Envelope System Saves Money. The key component to Dave Ramsey’s, “Total Money Makeover” is the envelope system. What is the envelope system, you ask? Well, according to ...

Must read: I like her method! I HATE couponing. A quick, easy and CHEAP method to get started on a stockpile of groceries for your home. No clipping coupons required! Need to read this one!

The $27 per week grocery budget challenge. eating well on a very limited budget

Little steps can improve our lives dramatically. These little things can make us more organized, more healthy, and all-around a happier person. Trust me, I’ve been trying them.

how to clean wax off of carpet or walls. SO Glad someone else pinned this so I could pin it!

Who knew?

Refrigerator Organization Tips to help you save time and money and cook up some delicious meals for your family. more tips at TidyMom.net

how to save on meat at the grocery store

Money Scholar Cupcake Savings Bank | Nordstrom

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