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Robert Pattinson - forgave his girlfriend over her stupid mistake. That takes a strong heart and great character

robert pattinson. don't tell your boyfriend he knows how to sing and play the piano, it will give him more reason to not take you to breaking dawn ;)

Robert Pattinson....i know i know i hate on twilight, but it's not his fault twilight sucks....he's oddly good looking tho

Hmmm...maybe this picture isn't as goo...nope, no. Noone is allowed to find him unattractive. That is all.

It's really not fair for one person to be so incredibly HANDSOME!! :)

This will always be one of fave photoshoots. The scruff, the eyes. the was perfect.

Rob Pattinson... even if he makes me feel slightly like a dirty old lady... but hey, I'm less than 10 years older than him. I'm not EXACTLY Mrs. Robinson, right? Oh, but I'd love to be Mrs. Rob(Patt)inson... hehehe

Robert Pattinson Proves Looking Good is the Best Revenge

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