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    The second telegram about the sinking of the Titanic.

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    Titanic - Mr.Andrews Office



    The First Telegram About Titanic's Sinking

    Titanic artifact...

    White Star Line Offices, Liverpool, where they read out the names of the dead following the sinking of the Titanic

    The doomed postal workers on the RMS Titanic

    Titanic News: At New York American's office - 1912

    As the great ship Titanic slipped into the Atlantic in 1912, Oscar Scott Woody of Washington, ever the loyal federal worker remained at his stations. It was Woody’s 44th birthday. He and four other postal clerks Were last seen alive, dashing around the Titanic’s flooding post office as they frantically attempted to save the mail.

    A poster prepared by the White Star Line's New York office to promote the RMS Titanic's return trip from New York, scheduled for April 20, 1912. The largest ship afloat at the time, the Titanic sank in the north Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City

    Relatives of the Titanic's drowned passengers leave the White Star Line offices, having just heard the dreadful news.

    News... Titanic Sinks

    The sinking of the titanic....

    From the Titanic

    The Titanic



    Titanic -

    At precisely this moment 100 years ago, 3rd Office Pittman reported that the stern of the Titanic (last portion afloat) slipped beneath the waves. The passengers and crew remaining aboard were plunged into lethally cold water with a temperature of only 28 °F. Almost all of those in the water died of hypothermia or cardiac arrest within minutes or drowned. Only 13 were helped into lifeboats that had room for 500 more occupants. 1,517 souls perished when the Titanic swept them into the At...

    Titanic sinks