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Matt Maher breaks down the action of the top hand & bottom hand with drills. Key points: 1.) Bottom hand moves to the ball with bat knob pointing to the ball. This is important to keep the wrists loaded for rotation at contact. 2.) Top hand with palm up punches & drives through the ball. Avoid breaking early- extend at contact with palms up. Leave comments!

Nolan Ryan former Major League Baseball pitcher, and currently principal owner and CEO of the Texas Rangers.


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▶ Joe Mauer Slow Motion Textbook Swing - Complete breakdown & analysis of Mauer's swing. This video ties in nicely with Matt Maher's 7 Steps. Key points: 1.) Notice the small 6" step of the front foot during the hand set. Let me repeat- small 6" front foot step as the hands set. Tight, efficient, quick movement. 2.) Watch the axis of rotation around the front foot and the rotation of his hands. Go deep into swing analysis with this video. Leave comments!

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