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Sprayed by the water hose - Adam does not like to be sprayed by the hose.

The good old times of childhood :) when parents would actually let their kids spray each other with the garden hose. I'm glad my mom let us have water fights :) we used ice cream buckets AND the garden hose.

Beautiful just beautiful!

Some of the most powerful images ever captured- the last one brought tears to me eyes. <<< they all brought tears to mine. More tears came with each photo.

Absolutely amazing. A husband with his wife during labor. Images copyright Amelia Lyon.

Holy heart strings // a husband with his wife during labor. My heart shall explode, also WANT WANT WANT. Not the labor pain, but the wealth of love

Pictures taken at just the right moment (16/30)

30 Pictures Taken at Just the Right Time

A real hot dog, just when you thought you had seen it all! A fantastic picture of a fire-breathing dog. A perfectly timed picture.

Savor A Private Moment Alone. Go in to see the reception hall just the two of you beofre all your guests arrive.

150+ Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Dear photographer, take this picture. Dear future husband, do this so the photographer can take this picture.~ same for me! dear future spouse I want stolen kisses like this captured on our wedding day :)

They held his head high. What had he done to deserve this. He did all they asked. Yet they were still unpleased with his work. "You've let us down again Seth." The man who had his hand wrapped around Seth's neck whispered. "Never again."

If I didn't think that person's hand looked so darn feminine, I could definitely see the torture scene occurring right about now.

two photographers - one to get the bride's entrance, and one to capture the groom's reaction. MUST.

24 Grooms Blown Away By Their Beautiful Brides

I must have a picture of the groom's candid reaction. 24 Grooms Blown Away By Their Beautiful Brides. This is such a sweet collection of photos. Real, spontaneous emotion from the first time a groom sees his bride on their wedding day

12 most epic wedding kiss photos of all time - Wedding Party

12 most epic wedding kiss photos of all time