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  • Ruth Marston Caldwell

    Steampunk Wall Tentacle by ArtAkimbo on Etsy. "Cthulhu wall tentacle that’s big enough to mess with a room. This is a 24″ octopus arm cast in urethane. polished and painted, protruding from a 9″ round rust encrusted porthole, with a slosh of rigid seawater. Extends from the wall 18 1/2″. I cast these from my own molds made from my original sculpt. No animals were harmed in the process, save the usual cuts and scrapes to my poor, gnarled fingers."

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I want this in my room that way I can say I have a pet octopus in another dimension! ;p Wall Tentacle Teal Cthulhu by ArtAkimbo on Etsy, $375.00

Katie Daniels I saw this and thought of you... Tentacle Wall Sculpture Green with Splash by ArtAkimbo on Etsy, $110.00

A custom made octupus tentacle for your wall... $3500... or get the smaller one for $350... ArtAkimbo

Cerberus' equivalent, at the Gates of Heaven? I just need to make sure they are wooden faces and not taxidermized ones!!! But I would so cuddle up in this chair!

Ooooouch!! That hurts just looking at it!

OOh, check out this "talking wall". This would be a great addition to a kitchen wall. Guests could leave comments/inspiring ideas (fun!)

Print 8x10" - Victoriandustrial 6 - Victorian Octopus Industrial Revolution Tentacles Steampunk Fantasy Edwardian Gothic Gas Mask. $7.00, via Etsy.