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Pulp International - Eight vintage Brandon House covers from Fred Fixler

whisky pulp

Golden Age Comic Book Stories, Spicy Pulps, 1935 ~ 1938, Cover art by Hugh Joseph Ward ~ Harry Lemon Parkhurst, Norman Saunders

"Swamp Brat" | Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book Cover Art | Sugary.Sweet | #PulpArt #Pulp #Paperback #Vintage

hipster pulp

Pulp Fiction

Lust Can't Hide #pulp #fiction #erotic #sex #cover #vintage #art

a startling denouement

pulp <3

agricultural pulp

Graves, I Dig

Vintage paperback Avon Fantasy Novel nr 2 Jack Williamson- The Green Girl. Published by Avon in 1950


Pulp Fiction novel cover art, "Nympho's Shame Pit". And THAT'S what I'm calling it from now on.

Damnit Elaine... I had a ticket for that ride!


Gang Girls by Rand Crawford.

Girl in a Jam