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    "No Cat Selling". New Orleans. Photograph: Penny Weaver.

    On Sunset. L.A,

    Gogo's crow. New Orleans. Photograph: Penny Weaver

    Breeder Karl Szmolinsky and Robert, a 23-pound German gray giant, in Eberswalde, Germany. In 2006, Szmolinsky was approached by the North Koreans to help start a rabbit breeding program to help 'feed the population'. Robert and company were shipped off to Korea but rumor has it that they may have been eaten at a banquet for Kim Jong-il. by Craig Whitlock, washingtonpost and hoax-slayer. Photograph:Sean Gallup.

    Amelie Fontaine





    Dai Nihon Sukeyuki zo. Okimono Sukeyuki. Japan. Meiji period (1890) Carved wood okimono of human skull with snake

    Revolver camera: a Colt 38 carrying a small camera that automatically takes a picture when you pull the trigger. At the left: six pictures taken by the camera. New York, 1938

    Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott



    From the Diableries series–three dimensional stereo ’tissues’depicting the daily life of Satan in Hell. France. 19th century

    Lucy Reynolds (Oh Sweet Coraline)

    Kazuhisa Hantei.....Un Train inattendu

    Ernst Kahl

    Classics Illustrated. 1961.

    Gottfried Helnwein

    Reynolds's News. Money and Morals Photograph: Dora Maar

    Binky goes out.

    Mayoke Neko

    Hector, the first space rat launched by France in February 1961, is shown in his miniature space suit along with one of the cats then in training for a flight aboard a French Veronique rocket. Photograph: Gérard Chatelier

    Her shoe with stocking run and books-1930