Every time...

"Yes I'm still here. It's just that what you said was so goddamn stupid that I think I slipped in to a coma for a few minutes." - All. The. Time.

Ha! I wish there was someone to tell me this sometimes!!!!!!!

Reminds me of some people...lol


For real tho.

Haha pretty much

I work well with others when they leave me the fuck alone.

I'm not really a bitch...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LMMFAO Oh Man if I haven't thought this a time or 2...hundred

Story of My life __ Blunt Cards - People Think I'm Sassy by Eudaemonius, via Flickr

I can see someone saying this to me

LOL!!!! I think we all know a few of these....



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so funny




I've thought this a million times!