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  • Jeff Hay

    Droidel - Free pattern of this R2D2 dreidel comes from Bonnie Burton's excellent Star Wars Craft Book.

  • Shanna Silberman-Smith

    OH MY GOSH! Isn't this the coolest? Wraps up my geek and roots all into one!

  • Madison on the Cheap

    A Droidel is what you get when you combine the "Star Wars" droid R2-D2 with a dreidel -- and thanks to LucasFilm, you can download a FREE paper craft pattern and make your own Hanukkah droidel.

  • pointpixie

    R2D2 Dreidel (or 'droidel' if you will) - download pattern and away you go! #starwars

  • Aurelia Caetano

    Papercraft - Star Wars Droidel Hanukkah | Papercraft4u | Free Papercrafts, Paper Toys, Paper Models, Gratis

  • Carrie Jackson

    Star Wars - Hanukkah Droidel free papercraft download

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