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when a man loves a woman... can't keep his mind on nothin' else...he'd trade the world for the good thing he find...if she's bad he can't see it...she can do no wrong...turn his back on his best friend, if he put her down.... that's "only when a man loves a woman" Ottis Redding

sinéad o'connor ~ nothing compares 2u (5'14") words and music by prince

USA for Africa - We are the World. I know it's cheesy but the talent in this song is amazing. At the end it tells you who was in it and it is incredible that all of these people got together to make this happen.

Adele - Someone like you (OFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS) HD Live from Brit Awards 2011

My favorite band in the 80's Journey and this song was one of my favorites. Faithfully!

my man says this song makes him think of me......i think thats the most romantic thing anyones EVER said to me!!