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Reed Wilson Design | Nordstrom

AGD you just need a template and you can spray paint it on to a rug, maybe add some acorns!

layered mirrors, who would have thought that could work so well?

beautiful bedroom... love the mirror and the soft colors. Mac's room

priceless. this cracks me up. How did this happen? "hey, are you Fabio? Cool, do you want to hold me and take a sexy/funny picture. Thanks!"

...I need friends like this - ヅ #humor

DIY Dirt Prevention Mat : cut a round mat cut in half to use as an inside / outside prevention from bringing dirt into your house... very smart!

How did I not notice that before?

Magnetic Mats: Doormats that Don't Want to Be Treated Like One - nousDECOR

this describes my highschool days. throw in a few "You're 14, it was a week... you weren't going to marry him" then it'd be perfect