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  • Ryohei Arai

    nothing design group: smart phone notebook version. 2

  • Andrew Kelsall

    I love this #iPhone Notebook idea, which is a notebook that can contain and hold your smartphone (as long as it’s no bigger than an iPhone I suppose). I think it’ll be especially useful if you want to take a stroll with a notebook and no pockets!

  • . Indigo

    Smartphone Notebook Version 2 / The Nothing Design Group

  • Rajiv Agarwal

    smart notebook

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NOTHING dESIGN GROUP Smart phone notebook-2. This is simply a brilliant idea, for procrastination AND organisation.

Smart Note 2. The new journal is made to hold the iPhone 4 within, acting as a carrying case for the device at the same time. the cut-outs on each page continue throughout the notebook, allowing the user to interact with the digital nature of their iPhone, in relation to the physicality of paper simultaneously.

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