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Aperture Vs. Depth of Field Visual Guide


Shutter Speed: an overview

Shutter Speed: an overview. Excellent reference point. Print and shove in your camera bag.

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Sunny 16 Rule - White | iPhone 6s - Snap

Sunny 16 Rule - White by Alessandro Arcidiacono #photography #tips

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The Ultimate Photography Cheat Sheet Every Photography Lover Needs

The Ultimate Photography Cheat Sheet Every Photography Lover Needs Save Post Technology by Amanda DeWitt

Download your free cheat sheet to help you get off AUTO and start getting more creative photos with your Digital Camera. IT shows you how you can control Depth of Field. It shows the best Aperture for Portraits and the best Aperture for Landscape photos. It also looks at another key factor in controlling Depth of Field: Focusing Distance.

Aperture Depth of Field Comparison

Great visual explanation for helping you understand aperture /depth of field

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Diffraction, Aperture, and Starburst Effects

Difração, Aperture e Starburst Efeitos dicas de fotografia grátis Comentários Tutoriais e Wordpress Temas | Dicas de fotografia e tutoriais fotografia e muito mais

Depth of Field: The pictures above change the aperture setting of the camera lenses, creating a sense of depth in their images. The larger the apertures (smaller F-stop number) and closer the focusing distances, the shallower depth of field is. Other example of Shallow Depth of Field:

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Buying a camera: everything you need to know

Photography Tips - DSLR - Depth of Field - Aperture guide

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Peach Amaretto Cheesecake Tart

Photography tips

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Depth of Field: it's more than just aperture

Depth of Field: it's more than just aperture | Boost Your Photography


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Experts reveal their ultimate travel photography tips