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Everyone knows about Pavlov’s dog and Schrodinger’s cat. But what about Pavlov’s cat? This illustration suggests that cats are better at conditioning humans than vice versa. You can get it on a t-shirt at SnorgTees.

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Monday quotes

Monday-everybody hates me. Yes Monday. Everybody does hate you so please go away.

Учёные (и не только) шутят.

Funny pictures about Dr. Pavlov is coming to dinner. Oh, and cool pics about Dr. Pavlov is coming to dinner. Also, Dr. Pavlov is coming to dinner.

Psychology - Nature or Nurture T-shirt

The theory of whether nature or nurture shapes us into who we are or who we become.

Pavlov's Dogs

Funny pictures about Dog's Pavlov. Oh, and cool pics about Dog's Pavlov. Also, Dog's Pavlov photos.

what's better than a kitty playing the banjo? NOTHING!

Let me play you a song called, "There Is No Food In My Bowl! It's the song of my people.