1950's gingham vintage swimsuit

1950's Fashion. <3

i want to live this.

Tippi Hedren modelling bathing suits for Maurice Handler, 1950s.

1960s MOD bathing suits

Chic Beachwear ♥ 1950’s


Love the big rose adornment. So neat!

vintage bathing suits, oh my!

1950's cuteness

Coles Swimwear, 1950s - I'll take one of each please, thanks.

South Beach Swimsuits

blue gingham bathing suit.

1950's Jantzen cherry bathing suit

Cute one piece

vintage inspired swimsuits.

vintage bathing suits

"Swoon" swimsuit, Cole of California (1942). Acetate satin. //To conform to federal government restrictions on rubber consumption during WWII, the Swoon Suit- so named to suggest the appropriate male reaction to a woman wearing it- was designed to fit the figure with adjustable ties and side laces without using elastic. This swimsuit's most popular color was "parachute white".

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