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    Website where you take a picture of your child sleeping, upload it, and pick a Tooth Fairy to stick in your picture. Proof that the Tooth Fairy was at your house!!! The site also has Santa and the Easter Bunny



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    1.Click on picture until website appears 2.Upload a photo of your sleeping child. 3.Pick your fairy. There are 20 fairy poses, and you can position her in the photo any way you want. 4.Add a custom border if you would like. 5.Use code Fairy-Proof at checkout. You must type in the code. It won’t work if you copy and paste it. 6.Print, share or save your photo!

    So cute!! Website where you take a picture of your tree and room, upload it, and pick a Santa to stick in your picture. Proof that Santa was at your house!!! The site also has an Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy!!!

    This company will craft a real toy from a child's drawing.

    200 ways to bless your child with a happy childhood. This list melted my heart!

    Pinner said: If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will right back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

    21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child!

    20 ways to make your child feel special on their birthday! Too cute

    Tips To Get Your Kid To Sleep In Her Own Bed! Here are some tips for making the permanent transition of a child sleeping in his/her own bed. #parentingtips #keepkidsinbedtips #makekidssleepintheirbed

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    Parents of girls, take note. A small spray bottle with 2 TBSP of fabric softener, the rest water = "Doll Hairspray." Easy method for smoothing and renewing any doll's hair including Barbie! (Would've been nice to know!)

    This is something that I should read once a week because it is just too easy to put the things that are really meaningful to my little one on the back burner.

    Birthday questions tradition start when they turn 3.

    Teach Your Child To Tie Shoes In 5 Minutes

    Tooth Fairy Door The most exciting gift I have found for kids in a long time!

    Capture The Magic

    Use tension rods and a sheet to make a tent in the hallway for the kids. You can decorate the sheet with fabric paint or markers. And can be easily stored when done. this is awesome

    tooth fairy idea

    tooth fairy ideas.

    Custom Tooth Fairy Pillow

    I have been searching for a site to do this for years!! Site to make Personalized board books. Awesome. - in-the-corner