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I thought he offered the blueberries to banner because banner answered the question correctly so he's like, "Good job, doggie, now you get a treat!"

Why Robert Downey Jr. is so perfect. - Imgur

Captain Sparrow vs. Iron Man...

At a press conference, Gwyneth Paltrow responds in French. Poor Robert Downey Jr is left feeling a bit inadequate. Yet another good reason to study French! (as if we needed one!)

RDJ is an alien. A strange, hot, awesome, wonderful, weird, sexy alien. No human could ever be this awesome.

How anyone can see fit to invite Chris Brown to anything ever I will never understand.

Robert Downey Jr.- I think this man knows exactly how cool he is.

haha if this is true, thats awesome. Robert Downey Jr. does whatever he wants. :)

There is no middle ground. I love RDJ, but his fashion choices can be quite questionable.

Robert Downey Jr. and the kindest act… I may possibly have teared up a little.

This probably has much more realism and seriousness in it than people give him credit for. All the faith int he world to him and his sobriety and such.

Are you asking me to deface government property?