You stopped sugar-coating years ago. 29 reasons nurses' jobs are different than everyone else's!


TRUTH! I started out in a nursing home and now I work in OB!

A day in the life of a nurse


It takes a nurse to save your life!

I do battle with the angel of death 36 hours a week. What do you do for a living? | Encouragement Ecard | <<- Just 36 hours?


I Love Nursing Shirt - from Lamp Apparel

Nurses Week.

Nurses are the best!




O2 delivery flow rates-- this chart is great to have when switching back and forth between cannula and mask for patient comfort


Great chart on sepsis. I had a wonderful nurse identify this in one of my patients as a new nurse (which I did not recognize)…was fortunate not to work with "nurses who eat their young" . Great learning experience that I'll never forget.

Propofol is your best friend


Do not forget your alphabet when it comes to pulmonary edema. --- Visit for your daily dose of nursing education! --- #nclex #nursing #nclextips #nclex_tips #nurse #nursingschool #nursing_school #nursingstudent #nursing_student