Zucchini blossoms

Squash Blossoms II by Larissa Morais


~~~ GORGEOUS ~~~

"Pumpkin Blossom" Acrylic on Board

“Hibiscus is symbolic of femininity, sexuality and warmth, and new creation. It reminds us of the joy, happiness, and overall the blessing of welcoming a new life into this world.” http://www.powerfloweressences.com/hibiscus-flower-essence


peas in a pod

snow gum design close up of snow gum bark, The high country, Victoria, Australia.

Pelican Flower Print--I call this Duthman's Pipe--native in Missouri in a different color though


Rusty knot

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fruits in cross-sections. beautiful!

Leaf Ladder by janet little, Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania.

cotyledon blossoms

Water painting - flowers

Passion Flower buds Beautiful gorgeous amazing | See more about flower bud and flowers.