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  • Joanne Tallant

    Interstate map inspired by classic London Underground map

  • Louis Schellhase

    The US interstate system mapped as a subway system by Cameron Booth

  • Dewayne Wright

    U.S. Interstate highway system designed a la London Underground. AWESOME!

  • Rodger Mattlage

    Check our Cameron Booth's subway-style highway maps like this one of the US Interstate Highway system

  • Jim Salvito

    Interstate highway system as NYC Subway Map by Cameron Booth.

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17 London Underground Maps You Never Knew You Needed posted on March 26, 2013 by Jack Shepherd, BuzzFeed Staff. Seen is a circular tube map.

Encountered this HUGE reinterpretation of the NYC subway in the wild, and David Heasty of Triboro Design was kind enough to provide a nice big jpg of the layout. Contact to get a copy of the print.

Alice in Wonderland as a Subway Map from Brain Pickings...if you love books, you HAVE to check out Brain Pickings...but it could be dangerous because you'll want every book you see there.:)

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This is a Seoul subway system map that I have looked at soo many times. But I want to go to other countries subways!! :D

While in Boston take the T. InterContinental Boston is located 2 blocks from South Station (Red Line).

Italian Hospital System Map I'm so confused but maybe your brain can figure it out, and it's so pretty I couldn't not pin it.

2 | Subway Maps Designed To Reflect A City's Soul | Co.Design | business + design

Human Subway is an interesting take on the human body as a subway system, based upon the London Tube. Systems portrayed include arterial, CNS, digestive, lymphatic, musculature, respiratory, urinary and venous. Although not entirely accurate, it provides an interesting way to learn these systems and provides a great image for the wall. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Cool new way of viewing the human body

Train and subway maps from around the world - for cross stitch