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    • Rachel Merritt

      For 'sewing scissors' - brilliant! Keeps people from using your fabric scissors. Could also be used for hair scissors or regular ones to keep little tykes from getting into mistief.

    • Brittney Regenhardt

      OMG, such a good idea!! Keeps kids from getting a hold of the scissors and cutting their own hair (because crazy bangs look good on no one) ....and from using my fabric scissors. LOL

    • Devona Devona

      Good idea for when I get my sewing room.... To make sure jack offs don't ruin your fabric scissors on paper!

    • Scarlet Tippetts

      for 'sewing scissors' - brilliant! Keeps random husbands and children from using your "good" scissors for projects! Ha!! = or for my mom's "hair" scissors

    • Karan Small

      OMG, such a good idea!! Keeps kids from cutting their own hair or using your good sewing scissors to cut draperies or whatever. Hello, Marsha & Ari...too late for this idea?

    • Alaina Hill

      for 'sewing scissors' - brilliant! Keeps random husbands and children from using your "good" scissors for projects! Ha!! FOR MOM!!!!! My sister and parents love to take my fabric scissors

    • Lisa Mayles

      Don't use mommas sewing scissors. Awesome idea! - great for my fabric scissors :-)

    • Nikki Vallee

      how to keep people from misusing your fabric scissors.... GENIUS!!!

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