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Honky Tonk Piano
The #BrunoMars album Doo-Wops & Hooligans was a commercial and critical success and included the work of #FullSailAlumni Graham Marsh.
Possibility for Music Room wall...we have the records, album covers and probably some 8-tracks!!!
Highly influential album and as simple as the outer cover is, it's a perfect design for this piece.  I've had this album on record, eight-track, cassette tape, CD, and digital download.  /NSC
We are 100% having a Record Wall in at least one room. Like the first thing we do, before getting a sofa. Also... those little draws!
rock albums | ... always wanted to make an album cover!! :)Submitted by: Han Jovi
Wall to Wall Carpeting's album (Piliad Echons) artwork is based on the title of the band. It has lead the designers at Bend to experiment with basic insulating materials such as cork.
In case you needed an inspiration on what to do with old unused vinyl records...