awesome version of talk to the hand

Be a bad girl it's more fun. Live in the moment. Be a REBEL!!!!!!!!!! #badgirls #Rebel

keep calm and fuck off

Fuck You

Haha love this "fuck you"


Fuck off and die you lying two faced twat.

"I've got a question for you Gabriel this once" I smiled looking up to his eyes, tasting the blood in my mouth as I hung. "Go ahead" he folded his arms, grinning. "Can you see the 'fuck you' in my smile?" His grin faltered with shock, "If the answer is no, look harder." I finished with a laugh. "Cute" he swung.

Yeah! Fuck you!


Learn from your past... #Quotes

Fuck you.

fuck your memories, fuck your fake feelings and fuck you


This speaks volumes. There's times when I feel lonely but then I fight off that feeling and tell myself it's a blessing to be by yourself rather than to join the crowds for false pleasure and comfort. Most people these days are polluted with immoral thoughts, words, and deeds in every sense! Happy by my lonesome :)


It's all you know.

no, you're awesome...

i tried my hardest but i couldn't make you feel a fucking thing

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