True daat.

Amen Mr. Marley

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He kissed my forehead this morning, makes me laugh every day, says he's sorry when he's hurt me, he holds my hand when we're on dates, he gets me and lies when he doesn't, and is a damn hard worker... I LOVE HIM


Country Quotes and Sayins': It's better to look back on life & say "I can't believe I did that" than to look back & say "I wish I did that."

young, wild, and free

I'm so happy with every aspect of my life (including David and Matthew) that I wish I could share my happiness with others.

The words of a friend. Very true. @alexandrapalma this is so you!!

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Tina Fey


Destined to be an old woman with no regrets by DALAIWMN, via Flickr


KEEP CALM AND OVERDRESS . . . . Because No Matter What, Always Dress Your Best & Show Them You Have Class !!


...at the end of the day happiness is one of the greatest fulfillments in a relationship!

heck yes!!