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She dang sure did!

Emo Alpaca


this one is self-explanatory...


Yup. Except sub in 'son' for 'father'...

Too #funny - take a photo of your friends trapped in your phone

Prepare to get sh**faced my pinny friends

Josh Sundquist, best-selling author, Paralympic ski racer, and a cancer survivor who lost his leg at age 9, decided to make the most of his assets and create the best Halloween costume ever.

They should add puppies. I would love for someone to release puppies at a wedding.

The Most Epic Father-Daughter Costume At Halloween

"British People Problems" aka "Canadian people problems"...

The 40% majority. yeah.

Laughed harder at this than I should have.

william morris tampons

This is my entire family. Yes.


seriously??? these people actually exist??

high school.



thank you.

David Beckham

Do's and don'ts with babies :: Hilarious pics