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  • Mikaela Withers

    yes please harry potter tattoo. i think my hp ink will go on my neck and the deathly hallows has been the one i've been considering most.

  • Jessica Hagen

    Triangle Tattoos. #triangletats #tattoos #trend #tats #girlswithtattoos #backtats #deathlyhallows #harrypotter

  • Sara Maese

    #beauty #tattoos #harrypotter #potter #deathly #hallows

  • <3 Anna <3

    the deathly hallows (i actually might get this as a tattoo)

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I must not tell lies. I love the idea of a white ink tattoo, and this one is pretty frickin fantastic

Love love love that this HP tattoo isn't accompanied by any pictures or swirls or anything.. And that it's just a font the individual liked, not something from the book. Not too much, but just enough HP nerdiness. [;

Harry Potter Tattoo, hells to the yes. I love the lines of this; makes it unique compared to other versions of the hallows. Jess Pearl Liu Beets, love this one

I think they meant to write "Wingardium Leviosa" under the feather... but the artwork is lovely!

50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books. I need to have the Deathly Hallows trapped in me somewhere.

Reallly wish I could hear her explain this to her teenage kids one day. "uh, its a symbol from a made up story in a made up book that came out 20 years ago" cool mom.

I have pinned a picture very like this to my Harry Potter board, but I just want you to know: this is the better one. & I will definitely possibly be getting this. Wheeeennn I grow up & my Mommy let's me.. ;)

I love this Harry Potter tattoo

Love it! Cute way to make a Harry Potter tattoo seem inconspicuous. ;)