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    • Megan Sadowitz

      Yup pretty scary stuff

    • Carmen Hall

      Chihuahuas..... true story

    • Nicole Allison

      So true. The only Chihuahua that I didn't see like this didn't act like the usual Chihuahua demon spawn. I didn't even realize it was a Chihuahua until I asked what kind of dog it was.

    • Megan DeBusk

      EXACTLY! Chihuahua humor

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    That's right!!

    Old Indian Phrase for "Bad Gardner" lol! #MyVeganJournal

    Awesome response. I'm not vegan. I'd say I'm mostly or at least a little more than half, but I really am increasing my veg/fruit intake and in the future, who knows? But for now, sticking with the meat we harvest ourselves, elk, duck, wild turkey, venison. Yum! least you can't HEAR and SEE the plants screaming in pain and fear!

    Yes! People always start to argue about steak and hamburgers and bacon but they don't realize that I don't even "crave" them anymore

    It doesn't work that way the pepperoni already touched the pizza get it through your head

    lol.. im not a vegetarian but when i meet one who tells me they still eat fish.. im like "so youre not a vegetarian then, youre a picky omnivore"

    Or pesca-tarian (fish/seafood eater) or lacto/ovo (dairy/egg eaters) vegetarian and critisize you against the vegan terms they know.

    My Mom has said that to me a few times now....why not serve a vegetarian dish when I come over then?

    Vegetarian problems

    Been there... sometimes it creeps me out and I wonder if there's been a mistake! #veganproblems