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Gollum Otter Is Not Amused

“Otter dislikes watermelon, but can’t stop eating it” Yesterday we discovered a series of photos of a giant otter at the Zlin Zoo in the Czech Republic. The photos are noteworthy because said otter is...

Angry Scientist Finds Uneducated Internet Comment And Delivers Badass Response…

FOR THE COMMENT ON THE FULL POST...THE ABOVE IS BOGUS! "This has been a rage-filled, alcohol-induced response from a scientist." lol Immunologist responds to a Tumblr post discouraging parents from vaccinating their kids. (click for full)


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Hobbit-movie haters: listen to my new hero, Mr. Yellow. Who should probably be in a Tolkien nerd-off with Stephen Colbert. I need to read the appendices further before this next hobbit installment!