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DIY Hanging Garden.

Gorgeous trellises. #outdoors

hanging garden

succulent vertical garden / love

Once the holes were drilled, I screwed the boards together, attached some two by fours to the bottom for support, ran a drip line up the middle, filled it with dirt and placed the strawberry plants into the holes.  My husband helped me attach some plastic PVC pipe to the drip line sticking out the top and to that we attached a quick release to attach the hose to for watering.

alternative to fences. Would be great for a vegetable garden when you only have a little space with sun.

DIY - how to build a verticle garden for your deck

Make the apartment patio more private

Growing Strawberries in Baskets Hanging baskets are a great way to make extra space for crops in small gardens or on patios.

Your imagination is the limit. This tire turned into planter is the perfect example. http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/8zis


Mom and Dad adapted this to add rows to the front and back of their raised bed garden so we shall see how these new crops grow!

tree log planter

self watering planter


PVC tubes buried near tomatoes to water roots

hanging herb garden

PVC and Gardening

cinder blocks

PVC drip irrigation: This is DIY and AMAZING! I wish I could do this? PVC pipe won't rot in the sun like soaker hoses.The man on this site give very specific, thorough directions.