• Rosi Buretz

    tip a cow #bucketlist

  • Julia P.

    Bucket List. You're not a true country girl if you haven't tipped a cow.

  • Anna Lovette

    Bucket List. <3

  • Xtinez MC

    Q is from Tracy & when we first got together she mentioned about cow tipping. That's definitely one thing I wanna do before I die, lol -XtinezMC

  • Stephanie Rodriguez

    on my summer bucket list w/ @Karen Jacot Jacot Darling Space & Stuff Blog Sorrels ♡

  • Sierra Lissick

    hehehehe, my grandpa owns a farm.... he has many cows.... who wants to help me?

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Bucket list

Run the Nike Women's Marathon. When you finish, a firefighter in a tux gives you a Tiffany Co. necklace! Ok, this is officially on my bucket list.

Fiesty Texas Girl! Love her!

Yes please! :]

Been on my bucket list ever since A Walk To Remember! Yes I would like to do this 4 sure..


Greys anatomy

One Tree Hill

Haha if only!! -GA

Bucket list: Be to New York on New Year's Eve

before I die ♥

Bucket List. I think it would be so fun to dress up & wear masks..

The Lovers Bridge in Paris. Couples attach a padlock to the bridge and throw the key into the river symbolizing their eternal love. This is now on my bucket list.

Think back to how far you have come in a year.

i will get him too whether he likes it or not!

:) ♥ #Bucket #List #BucketList

bucket list <3

yes please.

...... ♥