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  • Myra Lian

    I don't want a perfect boyfriend, I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything. - So true, this is what I desire.

  • Kimberly L. Hackett

    Watching tv, laughing at silly commercials, taking about life, dreaming about ACURA CARS... Fighting over grapes. Praying together, working on school projects... Living, loving and laughing!!!

  • Abby Netterville

    I don't want a perfect boyfriend... #truth

  • Kandi Marie

    Boyfriend stuff

  • Katlyn Weaver

    Boyfriend Quotes - I don't want a perfect boyfriend

  • Raynita Villa


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Don't settle for second best Hmmm..... @Alex Leichtman Rovirosa weren't we just talking about this last Sunday???

Learned that recently... don't have time to waste on someone who doesn't care to... Life is too short and definitely beautiful to lose time.. :)

I never understood what it meant when people would say "when you know, you know". I completely understand now. :)

Holiday cookie swap, my ass. I'd rather have a cocktail swap. Same calories, cleaner kitchen!

This is how me and my boyfriend are..

“Good point well made, Ms. Steele." -Christian #FiftyShadesofGrey by E L James

Manners do matter... things my Mother taught me---I fully intend on making sure my kids know these things.

Let things go...they are heavy.

This is my heavenly boyfriend....I was lucky enough to get him on Earth too!

What A boyfriend should do...mine did and I felt like the world and in two weeks he is gone to college. You really dont miss something until its gone. I will always miss these special things he did with me :'(