Company's identity and olive oil packaging applications' design, including glass bottles, metallic tins, wooden box and press presentation material design.

Olio Novello 500ml 2015

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Perthshire Rapeseed Oil

This wonderful Rapeseed Oil is unique as it is grown in the fields at Ferneyfold Farm by Mark Bush and his family at Madderty in Perthshire.

Charisma Olive Oil - Designed by DASC Branding, Greece

Charisma Olive Oil

It evokes olive tree leaves in an abstract way with the abstract objects and pairs it with a simple serif font.

Aloma organic olive oil by Zhamora on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Love this pretty illustrated olive oil packaging.

The type has a flow that seems handwritten and matches well to the body copy.

Beautiful bottle, packaging and branding for Greece's Poqa olive oil.

The packaging for thie Olive oil is beautiful. I think the thick glass around it gives it an unique and suspended look. It feels very sophisticated and classy. I also think that having it dip in on the sides was also a nice appealing choice.

Unfiltered Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set | Fancy olive oil is probably one of the most useful and "safe" options to give someone that loves to cook.

Unfiltered Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set

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This is a good olive oil packaging due to the fact that the product is visible for the buyer and the illustration makes use of the oil inside, making the product I catching.