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This book is looong... but the characters are outstanding and I found myself not wanting it to end!

Great book on decision making and the will of God

"Softly he brushed my cheek, then held my face between his marble hands. 'Be very still,' he whispered, as if I wasn't already frozen. Slowly, never moving his eyes from mine, he leaned toward me. Then abruptly, but very gently, he rested his cold cheek against the hollow at the base of my throat."

“She reminded me that the world was really one bee yard, and the same rules work fine in both places. ..Act like you know what you're doing, even if you don't. Above all, send the bees love. Every little thing wants to be loved.” ― Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

"A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it."

When the ending of a good book is near… may I just say that I actually really enjoy Piggy and Gerald. #NOSHAME Avery Loussarian

Bargain e-Book: Cry in the Night {by Colleen Coble} ~ $2.99! #kindle #books

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! these books by Mo Willems will have a child ( and parent) in hysterics !

SOOOO TRUE! I have a hard time letting my babies...err, books...out of my possession.

The Parents We Mean to Be - Kindle edition by Richard Weissbourd: Parents—not peers, not television—are the primary shapers of their children’s moral lives. And yet, it is parents’ lack of self-awareness and confused priorities that are dangerously undermining children’s development. #Books #Parenting #Kids

"Song of My Heart" by Kim Vogel Sawyer