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Picture of Beethoven conducting. Like Bach and Mozart, another indispensable figure in the history of music. I often think of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart as the "Big Three"... just like GM, Ford and Chrysler used to be. Beethoven went deaf and apparently kept trying to conduct until it became painfully obvious that it just wasn't happening any more. Sad. What a great, emotionally rich composer.

Ludvig von Beethoven The man who worked so hard to keep his deafness a secret, only to have his condition discovered in front of huge crowd at a performance still beating time after the piece was finished and all instruments had gone silent. To everyone s astonishment, the great composer, Beethoven was DEAF!!

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN. Um retrato com 13 anos de idade de Beethoven, produzido por um autor desconhecido. Tendo como data aproximada de producao 1793 (A portrait of the 13-year-old Beethoven by an unknown Bonn master, c. 1783)

Symphony No. 9 ~ Beethoven If you are into classical music and a Beethoven fan you will love this!

Love this. Want to frame this. SATC ♥

O lendário compositor Beethoven, compôs masterpieces como a sinfonia n.º 9 em ré menor, op. 125 depois de se tornar completamente surdo.

I believe it!!! Our wedding song has this line in it 'Someone like you' - Van Morrison ♥

Beethoven. A great musician whose works have touched my life. :) I was born on his birthday.