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  • Emily Ann

    Harry Potter. Twilight. Matched. In Death series. There are really quite a lot of favorite books in my life :)

  • Casey Kemp

    So true. LOVE Beauty and the Beast

  • Tasha Art

    nerd quirk, So true, one of my pet peeves.

  • Nicole Lumgair

    nerdquirk - SO TRUE.

  • Jennifer Palabay

    Nerd Quirks they're so funny, cause some of them are so true

  • Tails F

    this is to funny "When I was about nine, I tried to run away from home. I took my Harry Potter books and my bear. Later on when things had calmed down, my mom laughed at me and told me people normally take a clothes and food." I love this person.

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Or, you spent every winter morning of middle school standing in the -40*F arctic waiting for the bus and then, the minute you stepped onto the bus, your specs clouded over and you couldn't see your way to your seat. Yep. Completely.

they must all fit perfectly in my backpack, with equal weight distribution so my bag isn't lopsided.

There were so many grammatical errors in my AP Gov book last year. I corrected every single one because it bugged the crap out of me.

I don't even realize the time and by the time I stop reading, it's 5am and I have to get up in a couple hours.

"Nerd Quirk #10: Spending a ridiculous amount of time and characters typing all of your text messages in flawless grammar and not regretting it in the slightest, because it's worth it." I wouldn't say it's a *ridiculous* amount of time!

Hahaha. And still keeping a collection of ink-less pens in your desk, cause what if they magically begin working again?

And in winter when I walk into a warm building after being out in the cold :( Then I just stand there awkwardly waiting to defrost...

Uh...when I was in college I would email my profs right after a test to make sure they email me as soon as they graded my exam. What is wrong with me?!

Nerd Quirk # 22 I am chronically sick at the moment and I'm not able to go to school much. Everyone says 'you must be really missing seeing your friends' and I feel like saying 'no I'm missing English more :)'

confession: I got excited when I found some unopened ones at home

Then learning to recite the last thing the teacher said, verbatim, so you can prove that reading does not, in fact, hinder your academic progress.

"Nothing more enticing than a male nerd" -George Takei Preach!