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My mirror and my camera have two completely different ideas of what I look like... (true story.)

So true, I can't take a pic to save my life.

This makes me laugh because it is so true!

super truth! now-that-s-funny-stuff

my mirror vs my camera. So true!

mirror vs. camera - so true!

mirror vs camera

sooo true haha

ha true story


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Coffee in hand, big girl panties pulled up, sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face...yep, I'd say I'm ready for the day...bring it on!!

Coffee and Big girl panties...well I would change that to Tea in hand but bring it on!

Coffee in hand, Big Girl Panties pulled up ..... Bring it on @Breezy Drake

Coffee in hand, big girl panties pulled up, .....ready..bring it on!

Definitely my style! ... Bring it on!

funny stuff.

The day I lost my mom and the days following have been the most difficult I've ever experienced. I didn't think I would be able to survive the pain and emptiness that pulsed through my soul.  I've shed many tears, and when I thought I had nothing left, more came. With the tears came isolation, sleeplessness and contemplation.  (Yes, my brain is in overdrive).  Early this morning while hugging her pillow that I've been carrying around with me, I realized how blessed I am to experience this much grief. It shows the true depth of love I have for her. I know each tear drop is an "I Love You" being sent to Heaven.    I know she would not want me to wallow.  She was the epitome of strength and perseverance and I am determined to follow her example.  I will forever miss her physical presence, but the pain will eventually be replaced with the joy of knowing she's watching over me, that I can still talk to her, and she is at peace with our loving Savior.   So now it's time to pull up my big girl panties and get back to doing what made her proud - my writing.  I not only have the Holy Spirit guiding my fingers on the keyboard, my mom is there as well. Praise God!       Psalm 30:5 – Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.  Have a Blessed Day!

haha :) so true!

haha so true! Thought you'd get a kick outta this one, @Kelly Gonzales

haha :) so true! -this is why I HATE talking on the phone.

So many times I have thought this!

Yep. Thank God for Text.

Story of my life..

HA soo true

SOOO true!

truth. haha

Post silly things! We can all use an end of the week giggle - Page 6


Biggest pet peeve... one letter/word replies... almost as bad as not replying at all

Absolutely hate when I get texted the letter "K" :-P

this is how you know im annoyed via text message hah

Because my daughter loves it so much!!

k, i hate this in text messages

most annoying "phrase", ever


funny definitions


One of my biggest pet peeves. And yes I do this all the time.

This is SO true for me! My 6th grade English class still follows me today. Thank you Mrs. Walters. Poor grammar is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me! Remember: You didn’t “seen” it you “saw” it. That is my top pet peeve…annoyance…frustration. Call it what you will, just please stop saying it!

Grammar police ....people here say ALL the time "I seen...." instead of "I saw..." UGH, just one of the things that makes me silently correct them..hehe

My life would be easier if this wasn't my biggest pet-peeve; along with punctuation and capitalization...

And silently correcting your misspelled words!! Can't help it--I'm a retired English teacher.

YES. ALL THE TIME. #sotrue i am totally the grammar police!! except on this posting.

I'm silently correcting your grammar. (All the time, so, beware!)

So true! Sorry...I'm kind of a grammar Nazi, lol!

story of my life....omg, so true, all the time

All the time.totally me-ness


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funny drinking quotes....or not.....

funny drinking quotes (if if drank)

funny drinking quotes Hahahaha

funny drinking quotes

funny drinking quotes - Dump A Day


Funny joke quote. For the best funny quotes and sayings about life visit

Funny joke quote. For the best funny quotes and sayings about life visit |

I rest my case. haha...makes me laugh!

midnight snack ok this is so true

Funny joke quote. So true!

Story of my life.


Funny stuff

Giggle :)

so true

I hate Monday, Monday #2, Monday #3, Monday #4, Pre Monday, onions, brussel sprouts, animals that are not mysthical, people who are non unicorn believers, and trolls. Trolls are ew. With hair and beards and blehhhh

My Work Week // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

so true Suzanne --- what's weird and true, now that I'm retired, is Sunday still feels like pre-Monday. Sunday morning is usually okay, but by mid-afternoon it's that downward slide. My ex-husband wouldn't watch the TV show"60 Minutes" because it signaled the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately so true these days! Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

My Work Week - funny pictures #funnypictures

What My Work Week Looks Like funny picture

Dump A Day Random Funny Pictures - 80 Pics

so true except for the Pre Monday part

So true - especially the Pre-Monday!

I know a couple people I could apply this to.

"I don't exactly hate you but if you were on fire and I had water, I'd drink it." <--- Haha, I hate saying this but sometimes I feel this way towards some people!

I don't exactly hate you but if you were on fire and I had water, I'd drink it. Ohhhh some people today.

I shouldn't laugh, and I truly don't feel this way about anyone, but it made me giggle.

how I feel sometimes about some people... I know mean but so true a lot of times

So true for a few people who have wandered into and out of my life

So funny... I laughed so hard ... so true!

So true when it comes to some people...

Funny stuff

funny quotes for pinterest


First world problems

So true.

Oh man, SO true. I laughed hysterically, especially when I realized the guy in the picture was James van der Beek from Dawson's Creek.

First world problems always make me giggle :) #firstworldproblems

First world problems.So funny, and so sad, because it's so true.

Oh my god. I couldn't stop laughing. It's so sadly true...

This is so true, so funny, and so sad all at the same time

first world problems.. So funny, so sad, so true.

First world problems. So true. So funny. So sad.

First world problems. So sad. So true. So funny.

This is SO true!: Giggle, Truth, My Life, So True, Funny Stuff, So Funny, Hilarious


deja moo- True dat, Been feeling Deja Moo now for about 4 months from we know who.

Stencil Funny Deja Moo the feeling that you've by oklahomastencil, $9.50

#truth Deja Moo – the feeling that you've heard this bull before.

Deja Moo - the feeling you have heard all this bull before...

Deja Moo...Have to remember this one..Funny

so funny and (sadly) sometimes so true

A common feeling in my life

so true funny-stuff

*giggles* so true!


Mind Your Business! hahaha This is not aimed at anyone! It just made me giggle, so I had to pin it :)

Some people seriously need to mind their own business! My life is not relevant to you!


made me laugh. But so true!

funny thing about your nose

My FAVORITE quote!! LOL.

it's a funny quote

Funny stuff!!!


Ain't that the truth!!! Actually, you'd wonder how in the world I'm able to function in society at all! LOL

Haha I love my family but this is so true in some aspects of my life!

Never heard something more truthful in my life!

TRUTH lol. Love my family, crazy and all.

Totally thought of you! @Jocelyn Rudder

Haha so true :) Love my family!

true story

Handcrafted pine furniture, decor, and signs all made in the USA.

Bits of Truth... all quotes

hahaha that is some funny shit.

Please pass me that parenting handbook. I need to smack my kid with it, On his bottom of course, ░ So funny

Spanking is illegal. But, smacking with a parenting book...perhaps a loophole in that law. Don't worry. Just kidding. Really.

Please Pass Me That Parenting Handbook I Need To Smack My Kid With It funny quotes quote kids jokes parents lol funny quote funny quotes children funny sayings parenting humor

This is just funny. Don't worry Pinterest people that take yourselves too seriously! I'm not really going to smack my kids with a parenting handbook! 😍

This made me think of my Papaw Smith...he always said parents needed to spank their kids with those "new" parenting books. :)

Do not encourage slapping your kid ever but this made me giggle.

ahhh, if it weren't so true it wouldn't be so funny!

Parenting Handbook (funny, quotes, sayings, kids)

That is funny stuff right there! lol!!!


Some people like my (ex)brother in law. But then this would be filed under "in all seriousness" rather than "funny stuff."

some people just need a high-five. in the face. with a chair. Get a free starbucks $100 gc at

some people just need a high-five. in the face. with a chair. (spotted by @Robertaejz794 )

Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair. #Funny #Truth

makes me giggle, so true


The fun blog with jokes funny picture jokes videos quotes oneliners funny stories and many more funny things that is updated daily

so true

Story of my life.This speaks VOLUMES to me after working 12hrs with one of the young male nurses I find a serious mess of eye liner/mascara. I am sure he could not bring himself to mention it to one of the "senior" nurses...but dang!

aOh God I laughed at this one, its so true , what happened to me...was it kids !!!

That awkward moment when you come home - I have a lot of those days!

So true!!!!! I have totally thought this!

The Awkward moment.... Haha so true!

Funny stuff.

funny quote

True story!

My life.

so true!!!

things magically appear when I look for them so this must be true for my kids!! I thought they were just blind..heh heh ;)

LOL! This used to happen all the time when I lived at home! The best part of this is that now I am a mom, and things magically appear for me when my HUSBAND can't find them! :)

This is so true in my kids seem to have gotten my husbands finding gene (or lack there of lol)

Nope, not in my house! Things magically appeared if my mon threatened to look for them. If she found them we were in trouble

So true! I used to tell my kids that if I went into their room and found the lost item, they would have to clean baseboards for one hour. The items were almost always found. Hmmmm. :)

SO TRUE!!! Things magically appear when Mom looks for them.

It's so true! Story of my life! Works every time!

truth - my kids will say this

My son Ryan!

Redbubblefrom Redbubble

I have CDO It’s like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order AS THEY SHOULD BE | Unisex T-Shirt

as it should be @Allison Hanley

"I have CDO it's like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order AS THEY SHOULD BE" - I have OCD & I thought I would share this, its funny to me. LOL

Is it bad that Ive actually thought the letters should be in alphabetical order?

OMG, this is so funny, my husband jokes and says this about me all the time!!!

So true, so true...even my boards are in alphabetical order

this just about sums it up *giggle*

So true! This is totally me!

So funny but so true!

lol!! funny-stuff

I don't know why my life sped up this week, but I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button on it. It's been fun but exhausting. Anyway. Today's card is the last I'll post with Grunge Me for a while...maybe. This one isn't grungy, though. It's crisp and clean, and as soon as I saw the stamp I knew I wanted to make a stylized flower with it. Okay, the sentiment is grungy. But the card isn't. Pear Tart and Bahama Blue. A Memento Ink match made in heaven. To do this, I placed the stamp very carefully with the central point at the center of my gridded acrylic block. I placed a pencil dot in the exact center of the card and lined that up with the central circle on the gridded block, rotating the card for each stamp! So very easy to get precise placement with that FAB PTI gridded acrylic block!!! And now for a non sequitur. Happy Canada Day to my friends to the north! Y'all rock!!!! And speaking of Canada, check out this ever so relevant little button the Canadian Jennifer Styles sent to me. Oh, she knows me so well! I'll bet y'all didn't know that the reason I have posted three OLWs in a row is because I don't want to get stuck with the odd numbers again. That really bothered me. And yes, the lack of punctuation and capitalization on the button bothers me. "I have CDO. It's like OCD, but all the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be." Now, I'm happy. And tired. I'm going to bed.

haha// dirty minded//

Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting. True story! Lol

Yep!!! My life would be boring if I didn't have a dirty mind!!:)

SO TRUE!!! Dirty Minds they celrtainly make life interesting.

Dirty Minds they celrtainly make life interesting. So true!!

Dirty Minds #dirtyminds #minds #conversations #interesting

#Erotic #sexy #adult #pleasure #Sex #Quote

Haha, Exactly. #dirtymind #truth

Dirty Minds :) so true ;)

Funny stuff